Traditional Outpatient

Traditional Outpatient Program

The rehabilitation program is free and is focused on men and women who, due to their high consumption, have created a dependence or addiction to alcohol. The Traditional Outpatient Program aims to achieve the rehabilitation of people, so they can improve their dignity and self-esteem and reinsert themselves into their family and work environment.

Patients are treated by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a nurse, a social worker and other specialists who, together, have managed to get many people out of this challenging situation, improving their quality of life and that of their families. Each of these specialists plays a decisive role in overcoming this disease: from welcoming the patient and his family in all its integrity, to ensure their physical condition and address the addiction from the mental point of view, among others.

This program serves patients in social severe risk, abandonment and with substantial health care needs and seeks to help them stay abstinent and accompany them in their rehabilitation aware that in some cases this will only help to dignify the patient and make their relapses less frequent.

Intensive Outpatient Program (PAI)

The Intensive Outpatient Program (PAI), by the Psychiatrist Dr. Tomas Middleton, was born in response to the need to give different instances of recovery and rehabilitation to patients whose social, family and economic characteristics can aspire to a rehabilitation definitive, faster, through greater commitment on your part. This treatment lasts two years, and patients attend group therapy weekly, three workshops of 8 sessions each, weekly or biweekly psychological therapies and psychiatric controls.

The program is based on North American studies that show that with a more significant commitment on the part of the patient (which implies, among others, a monthly contribution or symbolic payment), higher education and knowledge about the disease and with the active support of a family member. Achieves, in 2 years, a total rehabilitation in most cases.

The PAI means a tremendous economic effort for El Salto, but we think that we should give a possibility of definitive rehabilitation to those who can receive it. The first participants in the program are active patients from the old (welfare) program who were invited to enter this new rehabilitation modality. The program hosts up to 15 active patients.