Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center

Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center

Mision Nueva Esperanza is a comprehensive rehabilitation clinic, we are located in the city of Aguascalientes, and we have a multidisciplinary team that works for hand in hand with all of our patients; we understand that life is sometimes not easy to carry, we also recognize that as human beings we are destined to make mistakes repeatedly and that there are thousands of reasons why a person can get lost in an addiction, alcohol is a very accessible means through which a person can find a quick and easy way out of their fears, feelings of guilt or insecurities.

That is why alcoholism is in our country and the whole world the most healthy common addiction and of which the highest number of people are victims.

Our years of experience and the multiple studies of methods for the treatment of alcoholism have allowed us to create efficient processes with positive and conclusive results in the treatment of people addicted to alcohol. Achieving the goal of both control and total abstinence. In our effective treatments are taken into account all the possible reasons why that particular person is addicted as well as the risks he will face from falling back (relapse) and how to meet them.

We are a Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics with a significant commitment to the community offering professional treatments of the high level so that both the patient and his family can have the confidence and confidence that they will be in the best hands. Our equipped Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics near me has the most suitable facilities for this type of treatment. Here patients will feel in a healthy environment, clean, pleasant and above all full of respect, peace, and understanding.

Some of our facilities are equipped medical area, offices for individual or group therapies, conference halls and rooms, friendly recreation facilities and multiple green regions.

In Mision Nueva Esperanza we also know that an addiction like alcoholism can affect all family members to the point of consuming it, unfortunately, all dependencies that are not treated in time sooner or later end up destroying any family relationship either as a couple, from parents to children or siblings. This is why our treatments include family therapies where every member of the family if they want, participate and be guided to face their problem of how they are affected by the illness of their loved one.

In Mision Nueva Esperanza we are not only an inpatient Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics, but also we specialize in the treatment of various types of addictions such as drugs, addiction to shopping, gambling, codependency, anorexia, and bulimia. Our vocation of service and our commitment to the Mexican community has led us to study very carefully the different situations in which human beings can be involved and make us look for an easy way out in drugs, alcohol or any other addiction; Therefore, one of our primary missions is to help us overcome the adversity of the world of habits to those people who for the time being are lost so that they can find again the path of freedom and love that we deserve as human beings.

The prepared team of Mision Nueva Esperanza wants that every one of the people who are in the situation of seeking the help of a Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics find in Mision Nueva Esperanza a right pillar on which they can support themselves and have the full sure that with us they will have that new hope that their problems will end.

We want to understand that alcoholism is a disease that attacks millions of people for various reasons and that being victims of this addiction is no reason to be ashamed. The reasons why a person becomes an alcoholic range from genetic causes, that is, many times our relatives inherit the tendency to fall into this favorite addiction. As we can see in these cases, the patient is a mere victim of a genetic disease. Another very repeated cause of people who fall into addiction to alcohol is depression, many people tend to feel depressed very easily for multiple and minimal reasons which is a pathological disease consisting of low levels of a chemical in the brain which makes the person always feel sad, therefore, to stop feeling like that is not in the power of the person, and it is very probable that he seeks in alcohol a quick solution to his state of constant sadness.