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How to Pick the Right Alcohol Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Synopsis/Abstract: Every minute in America, a new life is destroyed by drug addiction and excessive alcohol consumption. The following guide on alcohol rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment facilities will help you.


The noticeable growth in drug addicts as well as alcoholics has been a major issue all over the globe, and America is no stranger to it either. Also, alcohol still holds the number one spot as the most frequently used type of drug, exceeding any other by far.

As stated in a study issued in JAMA Psychiatry, roughly 49% of the cases of alcohol use disorder arose in the first decade of the 21st century. The study also shows that nowadays one in eight American adult citizens fit the diagnostic criteria for alcohol consumption disorder.

Even though the path towards recovery from drug abuse and alcoholism can turn out to be quite challenging and may take a lot of time, the first step to success is made by acknowledging that the problem exists and you can’t manage it alone.

How Can You Tell You Need Aid to Combat Drug Addiction?

Typically, you must seek immediate help when you start to manifest the characteristics and symptoms below:

·         Making use of a substance even when it’s not beneficial

·         Consuming a drug in larger quantities  to achieve the same effects or feelings of relief as before (a signal of increased tolerance)

·         Displaying aggressive behavior when you can’t put your hands on more of it

·         Feelings of anxiety or discomfort (depression, tiredness, weakness, turmoil, excessive sweating and awful headaches) when you haven’t taken the substance in a while

·         Lack of interest in former activities, interests, passions, friends

·         General decrease in concern for health, nutrition and private hygiene

·         Remarkable negative transformations in your appearance like quick weight gain or loss, congested eyes, terrible breath, recurrent body spasms, bloody nose

·         The drug leads to conflict between you and your family, friends or law enforcement authorities

·         Spending a good portion of the day figuring out how to obtain more of the drug or waiting impatiently for the next uptake

·         Borrowing or stealing money with the purpose of acquiring more of the drug which eventually lead to severe financial issues

·         Looking through other people’s possessions and drug stores for substances to ingest

·         Visiting several doctors to obtain prescriptions for the same substance

·         Using medications with relaxing drugs and alcohol regularly in spite of the harmful side effects

Treatment for Drug Addiction

In case you display any of the aspects presented above, you must reach for help from a drug rehabilitation center or a drug and alcohol rehab facility immediately.

Among the numerous ways to treat these problems there is detoxification, psychological therapy, in-patient, out-patient treatment, residential treatment, or even partial hospitalization programs (PHP).

Usually, the treatment you will get for drug addiction will differ depending on the particular drug being used and the level of addiction. Presently, the most frequently consumed drugs in America are:

·         Alcohol

·         Heroin

·         Marijuana

·         Cocaine

·         Adderall/Dexedrine

·         Tobacco

·         Prescription drugs such as Demerol, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Codeine

·         Valium

Below, we will be turning our attention on alcohol use disorder, its treatment and rehabilitation.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is certainly the cheapest and most easily accessible drugs not only in the USA, but in the entire world. Given this fact, it can easily be concluded that nearly all American households had to face this problem at a certain moment.

Repeated and excessive alcohol intake is related to countless long-term health issues, such as:

·         Liver diseases like cirrhosis

·         Stroke

·         Anemia

·         Cardiomyopathy (degradation of the heart muscle tissues)

·         Cancer

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Alcohol abuse and the impacts it has on the consumer lead many times to other severe social issues. Especially issues like domestic violence, child abuse, thieving, etc. In case you already began to exhibit the following conducts, you have been undoubtedly impacted by alcoholism:

·         High tolerance for alcoholic beverages

·         Incapacity to maintain a stable job or be efficient

·         Numerous unsuccessful attempts to give up alcohol abuse or follow a treatment plan

·         Drinking alcohol regardless of the other health problems

Whether you or a loved one happens to be under the influence of alcohol addiction, the next objective is to research the accessible options for getting aid. Subsequently, you will have to pick a therapy program for alcohol use disorder and determine whether to go for a in-patient alcohol rehab center, a drug rehab facility, or other alcohol rehab program.

Here is all you need to be aware of when it comes to this life-saving commitment:

Treatment Alternatives for Alcohol Abuse

Once you decide over the type of treatment, it is crucial that you pick the right rehab center. Nonetheless, picking an alcohol or drug addiction rehab facility can get very complicated. Among the first things you have to take into consideration is their success ratio and after that be sure to select one of the best centers available.

As an example, imagine you’re from Florida. What do you do to make sure you pick the right rehab facility? Well, consider these aspects:

·         Try to find any honest reviews from former users

·         Check if your insurance policy includes the costs for the therapy plan

·         Do a search online using keywords based on your location (e.g. alcohol rehab centers in Florida). After that, give them a call and see how they reply to your questions

·         Don’t take a final decision until you go around the center and inspect things

Another crucial detail to consider would be to confirm that they offer a post-rehabilitation program and healthy support groups to follow up on your evolution afterwards. This particular point is essential to strengthen the achievement of the treatment and keep away from a relapse later down the line.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Alternatives

Sometimes, the only feasible solution for battling alcohol use disorder is to opt for an alcohol rehab center, even more so when the consumer hasn’t managed to quit the bad habit on their own.

There are plenty of help centers for alcohol and drug problems all across the USA, so it’s impossible not to find one that’s fitting. The personnel will offer distinct types of treatment depending on your constitution, age, gender, and how long you’ve been consuming alcoholic substances.

There are five common treatment plans for alcohol abuse that you are most likely to find out there:

1.      Alcohol Detoxification: Alcohol detox is typically the first stage in the course of recovery. This step is extremely important as it enables your body to eliminate the countless toxins travelling through it as a consequence of drinking alcohol in excess. The detox is always overseen so that it helps you deal with the anticipated symptoms of withdrawal.

2.      In-patient Treatment: In more severe cases, it’s imperative for the user to live inside a rehab facility for a certain period of time in order for the recovery process to be more effective.

3.      Out-patient Treatment: In this scenario, it’s not necessary for the user to live at the center. On the contrary, it offers them the alternative of living at home during the entire treatment period. This plan works best for individuals who must keep going with their day to day work and other activities without causing too much inconvenience.

4.      Intensive Out-patient Treatment: Also known by its abbreviations (IOP), this program combines the in-patient and out-patient care. The user receives necessary assistance and treatment all throughout the week.

5.      Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): This one is a rather complete yet short-term clinical treatment. It’s lower in intensity compared to the in-patient program, but more focused than out-patient care. It allows users for well-defined, systematic treatment approach while also giving them the freedom to enjoy their entire everyday routines.

Targeted Medication for Alcoholism Cure

Medications may be used inside the recovery process as well. In fact, their primary purpose is to help users manage alcohol desires better and decrease the withdrawal side effects. Additionally, some meds create disagreeable effects on the user if they try to ingest alcohol.

Some of the best well-known medicines are:

·         Disulfiram – causes a severe and unpleasant response to ethanol. It may also produce side effects like nausea, vomiting, as well as serious headaches if the user happens to consume alcohol

·         Acamprosate – this particular drug settles chemical signals in the brain that would usually be affected by alcohol withdrawal. At the same time, it lowers alcohol cravings.

·         Naltrexone – this substance blocks the typical “enjoyable” effects consumers get when ingesting alcohol and other drugs. By doing so, the addict feels less desire to continue using the drug.

Finding Suitable Alcohol Rehab Facilities Near You

An important decision you will eventually have to make is where to start the rehabilitation. The majority of people will choose an alcohol or drug rehab facility in their immediate vicinity or at least in some familiar location. To escape all harmful influences, temptations or negative entourages, others would be well advised to get as far away as possible from their usual location. Basically, they need a fresh beginning.

No matter what you choose, it’s completely alright as long as you achieve the expected results at the end of your recovery program.

A clever way of finding efficient alcoholism recovery centers is by inquiring for referrals from cured former alcoholics or by looking at reviews about drug rehab facilities on the web.

Still, nowadays most individuals would rather look for such information online. In that situation, you will come across valuable details about the finest rehab centers in the country with just a few taps on your phone or a few clicks on your PC.

In case you are searching for something in your region, just use the “near me” function to rapidly filter through the rehab facilities closer to your location. Use keywords like “detox centers near me”, “inpatient alcohol rehabilitation near me” and so on into the search engine to get to the information you are looking for.

If you want to be more exact and limit down your search, you can also specify the name of the city. So back to the example above, if you happen to live in Florida, just use phrases such as “alcohol rehab Florida”, “drug detoxification in Florida” etc.

What Type of Conditions Can You Expect At Rehab Centers?

The comfort standards and the level of facilities highly depend on your budget and finances. Nevertheless, in normal terms, there is going to be some standard level of wellbeing provided.

The more sophisticated rehab centers will come with additional services like a gym, perfectly cooked meals, day-to-day housekeeping, as well as stable internet connection.

Choosing Between In-patient or Out-patient Alcohol Recovery

Opting for in-patient or out-patient alcohol abuse treatment plans is a significant decision to make before you are able to begin with your treatment. Availability is the deciding factor when it comes to taking the final decision. You need to conclude whether or not you are able to quit everything work related and renounce your personal life for the isolation that in-patient rehab centers require.

Obviously, in the events that you can’t be pardoned from work and other obligations, then out-patient rehabilitation would be your most suitable pick.

In-patient Alcoholism Recovery Near Me

In spite of the clear difficulty of leaving all your commitments, going for in-patient rehab may be the most effective option if your addiction is extremely harsh. Though out-patient rehab centers are effective too, it’s normally more fitting for individuals with a drinking problem rather than a full-scale addiction.

What to Anticipate Before and During the Recovery Process

·         Confidentiality: Make sure your identity is not made publicly during recovery as confidential treatment is a strict requisite at alcohol and drug rehab facilities.

·         Duration: Each treatment should last at least 30 days to be truly helpful. In some cases of drug addiction it may extend to two or three months. Ideally, the longer you stay the better so you may completely accommodate and recover in a clean environment.

·         Treatment for Addiction: The majority of centers will start begin your curing with a detox program to empty your body of alcohol. The second step will be to push you deeper into treatment by using different methods and medications as necessary. Likewise, be ready to be involved in multiple sessions of group therapy and mutual support networks.

·         Billing: Many insurance policies cover a fraction of the cost of rehabilitation. Before you start any procedure, check if you are covered too. In case you aren’t, the rehab facility may provide some advantageous financing plans.

What Happens After Your Recovery Treatment?

Don’t forget that your bad habits and addictions didn’t put their claws on you overnight, so they will not let go of you overnight either. You will need some time to recover and then spend a lifetime trying not to relapse.

One of the worst errors people make is signing up for addiction treatment but stopping the work on it after rehab care is completed. After-treatment care is crucial if you want to avoid going back to harmful habits, and rehab facilities are aware of that. This is precisely why the best rehabilitation centers accentuate recurrent follow-up after dismissal.

If you do not bother to listen to their post-treatment advice and activities, the odds of failure are incredibly high.

Common after-treatment activities incorporate online recovery instruments, recovery guidelines, social care groups, and many online and offline supporting networks.

How to Increase the Treatment’s Efficiency

Regardless of everything the experts do for you, your own effort and determination to recover is essential for the therapy to mark a success. Alcohol use disorder has deep negative impacts on your physical, mental, and emotional condition. It’s been part of you and your life for a long time, and you will have to look for something to fill that void it created.

Strive to engage in solid mutual support groups as quickly as possible after the rehabilitation program comes to an end. For instance, other ex-alcoholics can be tremendously helpful as they can understand your pain and relate to your feelings. In whichever case, don’t suppress your feelings and instead talk to someone.

Count on your family and friends to aid you in your inner battles and support you as you get back on the right path. Try not to spend too much time in solitude, but on the contrary embrace new relationships and make new long-lasting friendships.

It is primordial to acknowledge that you need guidance and assistance and to look for them fast. This is a decision that could literally save your life and the lives of others who love and care for you.

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Have you tried out all you can think of to conquer Alcohol or drug Addiction?

If so, i quickly know precisely what you’re going right through.

There is nothing more disappointing than having spent a few months trying to avoid, and then then fall deeper into the drugs or alcohol.

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Treatment for addictions The critical thing is the group?

When starting the treatment for addictions, we suddenly find ourselves immersed in a micro-society called “therapy group.” Our resistances and pores make us keep the distances with such individuals. Why? Because we are not like them, or at least we think at first … Learn More…

Little by little the days go by, and without much conviction, we continue with our treatment going to our group therapy. Suddenly, without knowing either the how or the way, we began to feel comfortable. And not only that, we feel safe, understood and most importantly,  NOT JUDGED.

Not long ago, one of those patients who, at first, only questioned whether group therapy was right for him, told me: “Well, in the end, it will turn out that group therapy has its own.” So, that group of “individuals” that had nothing to do with me can help me? That’s right, a therapy group is not just a group of people, it is much more, it is hope, it is an illusion, and above all, it is the thermometer of my evolution. We propose a treatment for addictions based mainly on group therapy. Also, supplemented by individualized sessions with our therapist and the center’s psychologist.

Why and for what group therapy in the treatment of addictions?

In the first place, it is essential to know how we are addicts, or rather, how we behave. We tend to manipulative, self-centered, and full of lies. Come on, an amalgam of tricks challenging to handle, unless, of course, for an equal. And at this particularly relevant point, it is where part of the magic of group therapy for the treatment of addictions resides.

In the therapy room, we meet with equals, some evolved, at the same level as others. All, directed and moderated by another equal, our therapist, who already from a distance in the process of recovery correctly remembers our ways of proceeding. The mirror effect, the modeling, the absence of an emotional bond between all of us and many other advantages, nourish and enrich us. All this, we are giving strength to start changing our biased and abducted lives because of this disease called addiction.

I always say it, and I will still say it, keep in mind that in a “face to face,” all addicts can manipulate and turn around the most painted. But it turns out that the group is wise, has a potent force and can dismantle any insane elucubration of those, which especially when we are active, we come up.

Rehabilitation of alcoholism

Alcoholism rehabilitation programs are one of the fundamental pillars of the polyclinic since they are born with the aim of tackling one of the most complex social problems of today: the addictive consumption of alcohol.

One of the keys to the success of our programs is, without a doubt, the joint treatment of the patient and his family, since caring for and forming the family environment facilitates the goal of the definitive rehabilitation of the patient.