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Treatment for addictions The critical thing is the group?

When starting the treatment for addictions, we suddenly find ourselves immersed in a micro-society called “therapy group.” Our resistances and pores make us keep the distances with such individuals. Why? Because we are not like them, or at least we think at first … Learn More…

Little by little the days go by, and without much conviction, we continue with our treatment going to our group therapy. Suddenly, without knowing either the how or the way, we began to feel comfortable. And not only that, we feel safe, understood and most importantly,  NOT JUDGED.

Not long ago, one of those patients who, at first, only questioned whether group therapy was right for him, told me: “Well, in the end, it will turn out that group therapy has its own.” So, that group of “individuals” that had nothing to do with me can help me? That’s right, a therapy group is not just a group of people, it is much more, it is hope, it is an illusion, and above all, it is the thermometer of my evolution. We propose a treatment for addictions based mainly on group therapy. Also, supplemented by individualized sessions with our therapist and the center’s psychologist.

Why and for what group therapy in the treatment of addictions?

In the first place, it is essential to know how we are addicts, or rather, how we behave. We tend to manipulative, self-centered, and full of lies. Come on, an amalgam of tricks challenging to handle, unless, of course, for an equal. And at this particularly relevant point, it is where part of the magic of group therapy for the treatment of addictions resides.

In the therapy room, we meet with equals, some evolved, at the same level as others. All, directed and moderated by another equal, our therapist, who already from a distance in the process of recovery correctly remembers our ways of proceeding. The mirror effect, the modeling, the absence of an emotional bond between all of us and many other advantages, nourish and enrich us. All this, we are giving strength to start changing our biased and abducted lives because of this disease called addiction.

I always say it, and I will still say it, keep in mind that in a “face to face,” all addicts can manipulate and turn around the most painted. But it turns out that the group is wise, has a potent force and can dismantle any insane elucubration of those, which especially when we are active, we come up.

Rehabilitation of alcoholism

Alcoholism rehabilitation programs are one of the fundamental pillars of the polyclinic since they are born with the aim of tackling one of the most complex social problems of today: the addictive consumption of alcohol.

One of the keys to the success of our programs is, without a doubt, the joint treatment of the patient and his family, since caring for and forming the family environment facilitates the goal of the definitive rehabilitation of the patient.

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